Brahma Kumaris / Global Retreat Centre - Important Request
We feel you would want to know about this.  


We all need to act quickly if we want to protect the tranquility of our magnificent Global Retreat Centre.

There are proposals to rip up the landscape 400m from the edge of GRC grounds for an open cast gravel quarry – an area 2km long and 1km wide! We have just over a week - till 4th of March - to raise as many objections as possible to stop this from happening.

It is likely to have a huge effect on retreat centre guests: - the silence will go, wildlife will flee, the beautiful landscape will be ruined. This is a a place where poets found inspiration, philosophers pondered the meaning of life and now, anyone who needs it, can find solace.

With your help we can make a compelling case to halt these plans - please encourage as many people as possible to sign this petition - with  personalised reasons for wanting to conserve the historic  landscape, the delicate ecosystem and clean air - for future visitors to the Retreat Centre and the well-being of the local community who are deeply upset and worried.

Please click on this link to sign and send a message to the local government

The world would want us to protect this priceless treasure.

Warmest wishes
from the GRC team.
phone: 077 6213 6409

Registered Charity in England & Wales (269971) and Scotland (SC040512)

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